To Our Valued Clients,

We’re preparing to launch our ‘Single Process To-Go Kits’ on Tuesday (April 7, 2020) and we’re trying to get a sense of how many people have an interest to make sure we’re able to meet the demand.

These Single Process To-Go Kits will be specially formulated to ensure they match your unique hair color. The cost of each kit is $85 and includes a complimentary FaceTime Consultation on how to apply the color (if needed).

If you’re interested in potentially purchasing a kit, please submit your name and contact information below and Chris or Shai will contact you next week with more information.

Stay healthy and safe!

Warmest Regards,
Chris & Shai

Single Process To-Go Kit Tutorial

If you’ve purchased one of our Single Process To-Go Kits, watch this video to explain how to properly apply the color. This video is intended for clients who are seeking a full application. We’ll be releasing a second video for those seeking a partial application soon.